Editor's note

June 2015: Developing Leaders for Success in ASEAN

Tuesday, 02 June 2015, 09:39 AM

The Developing Leaders for Success in ASEAN  study unearthed five developmental practices instrumental to helping leaders thrive in the region (these are given below). These actions represent a practical, self-aware approach that emerging leaders can adopt in virtually any setting or industry in the region:

  • Long-term career goals are important, and leaders who reflect on their developmental status roughly every three years tend to stay on track.
  • Early cross-border experiences help shape individuals into broad-based leaders with a dynamic global perspective.
  • Taking risks and exploring different roles in the beginning of a leader’s career helps him or her identify the right job fit and builds a holistic view of doing business.
  • While there is no one right way to build a network, emerging leaders should proactively surround themselves with a diverse, tight-knit group of professionals who can provide the contacts and feedback they need.
  • Instead of pretending to know everything they need to know, emerging leaders should be humble and speak openly about their own shortcomings to earn others’ trust.

The study is a collection of learnings gathered from our research conversations. It brings forth interventions that helped ASEAN leaders the most in their successful leadership journey.

Feel free to evaluate the research.