Five Paradoxes of Leadership Development

About This Research Project: 

How can organisations in Asia produce enough leaders to drive business growth in this fast-moving region? This research initiative suggests five paradoxical insights. 

In 2012, HCLI and the Center of Creative Leadership (CCL) launched a study on “Developing Top Leaders for a Globalised Asia”. It sought to understand impactful practices which can fast-track the development of leaders who have the potential to operate at the C-suite in 5 to 10 years’ time. Five paradoxical insights were uncovered:

Paradox 1: To foster learning, emphasise doing
Paradox 2: To accelerate development, slow down
Paradox 3: To excel at the task, harness relationships
Paradox 4: To achieve success, learn from failure
Paradox 5: To develop greatness, practise humility

When HCLI shared the findings with business leaders, most of them agreed conceptually with these findings. At the same time, they struggled to actually implement them. To bridge this “knowing-doing” gap at both the individual and organisational level, HCLI then launched Phase Two of the research to understand how these insights can be learnt and applied.

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