RBL-HCLI Human Resource Competency Survey (HRCS)

About This Research Project: 

HCLI is the Singapore partner for the RBL Group/Michigan Ross School of Business-led HRCS Study. HRCS Study began in 1987 and has been updated every five years since. It is the largest global study on HR with over 35,000 ratings over 25 years. The study employs 360 degree feedback approach to answer the questions: “What impact does HR have on financial performance? What is HR’s impact on intangible measures of business performance? What knowledge and abilities are necessary for successful HR professionals and HR departments? How are requirements and expectations evolving over time, across industries, by region?” The Study will include Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Oceania, etc. Participating individuals and companies will receive free individual reports and company reports. The results of the study will be launched at the Singapore Human Capital Summit 2015.

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